Aj, devla! I found lyrics!

It’s too hard to find some gypsy lyrics on the web, so what we have found, we share.
Also we try to add video or audio to each song.
Some of songs are not folksongs — if we know authors, we put their names.
If you know some other lyrics, or translations for non-translated lyrics and you can share them, please write us.
Yours truly, Raskardaš Orkestar

16 responses to “Aj, devla! I found lyrics!

  1. heidski

    Great website! You can find many more lyrics on Amalipen.com

  2. Thank you, Heidski
    Of course we know Amalipen
    Is it your site?

  3. Mihai

    Hello! How are you? i hope you’re doing fine. This is a great site! It’s very helpful to me and other people for sure!

    I’m gypsy, i’m Lovara, but there’s one problem, i do not speak rromaní (or at least not very well, i mix it with my spanish), so the work you’re doing here is just perfect! Thank you so much

    I have a question, i have a song from Ternipe (i’m sure you know them), but i don’t know the name of the song (it doesn´t say). Is there anyway that i can send you the song so you can post the lyrics or something?

    Thank you for your time

    But baxt ay sastimos!

  4. Lacho Djives, Mihai

    You can send us ternipe song (of course we know them:-) on our band mail: raskardas@gmail.com, or upload it on some filehosting and give us a link. We are not sure that we can translate, we are not great specialists in rromani, but we can try.

  5. Janine

    Hi everyone! I’m desperately looking for Romany folk songs/ poems that have to do with bare droma or longe droma in English or German. I saw that there’s a text called bare droma on this blog, does anyone happen to have a translation for it? That would be awesome.
    Thanks in advance, Janine

  6. Yas

    Sasto! Shukar djives :)
    I know another song you should post, it’s called Loli Phabay (the red apple), here’s the youtube link:

    These are the lyrics:

    Andro verdan drukos nane
    Man pirani shukar nane
    Loli phabay prechinava
    Yepash tuke yepash mange

    (it’s just the same verse over and over)


    In the wagon/caravan there is no floor/baseframe
    I am not a beutiful lover/beloved
    I cut the red apple
    Half for you, half for me

    (not sure if the 2nd line is “I am not” or “I have not”)

    Te aven baxtale!

  7. andreja

    Androverdan drukos nane
    mri pirani sukar nane
    lholi phabaj precïnava – hop, hop, hop
    jepas tuke, jepas mange hop, hop, hop
    Taj la, la, laj – Taj la, la, laj – hop, hop, hop
    jepas tuke, jepas mange hop, hop, hop

  8. Chris

    Does anyone know the lyrics to the second verse? I will try to post the link, some versions have a second verse, there is one on you tube.

  9. Chris

    Does anyone know the lyrics to dostlar bizim halaya? here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR2kU8s-6qo

  10. Rady

    Thank you for this site!
    I like very much the song Loly phabay.
    I found a bit longer lyrics. Does anybody knowes what they mean?

    Loly phabay

    Andro verdan drugos nane
    man pirano šukar nane
    l’oli phabaj prečhinava hop hop hop
    jepaš tuke jepaš mange hop hop hop

    Da da da daj…

    Amen šukar čhajora sam
    Pal o čhave amen gel’am
    Šukar čhavo khel amenca hop hop hop
    Jekhvar duvar pal’is lenca hop hop hop

    Da da da daj…

    Sar tu kames romani čhaj
    Ker tu buči calo ňilaj
    Te anela o lovore hop hop hop
    Oj cinela o gadora hop hop hop

    Da da da daj…

  11. Great website. Thank you soooooo much! I am not Roma myself but I love the music and the people and I happen to run a restaurant with Balkan only music in Thessaloniki, Greece. Your website is an endless source of very important material for me. Thanks again!

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  13. Peter

    Who will help me find out interpreteur and english translation of the unknown gypsy song? Please, i copied this from a gypsy worker in pub, since i never saw him again -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AAKN4cmCBA thanx

  14. Koszika

    Latcho djives! Awesome website. I’ve been looking for some lyrics myself, from the hungarian Kalyi Jag band, the song’s name is Sostar mange khadala love, and since it is not an authentic traditional folk song (written by Varga Gusztav), i cant seem to find anywhere the lyrics. If someone could help me, that would be grately appreciated :D

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