Bun Ii Vinul Ghiurghiuliu

Today some romanian songs, also sung by Gypsies

Bun e vinul ghiurghiuliu, tri, ri, ri, li, ri, di, ri, la, ri, da, ri, da,
Cules toamna pe trziu, tri, ri
Mai pe bruma, mai pe omat, tri, ri
Mult mai beau si nu ma-mbat! tri, ri
Bun e vinul, bine-mi place, tri, ri
Nu stiu viei ce i-oi face? tri, ri
As calca-o cu piciorul, tri, ri
Si-as bea vinul cu ulciorul! tri, ri
De s-ar face via-n casa, tri, ri
As lega-o cu matasa, tri, ri
Si-as tinea-o numa-n brata. tri, ri
M-am jurat ca n-oi mai bea, tri, ri
Dar eu nu ma pot tinea! tri, ri
Vinisor de poama rara, tri, ri
Se suie-n cap far de scara, tri, ri
Vinisor de bobiti verzi, tri, ri
Face pe om sa nu-l vezi. tri, ri
Bun e vinul si gustos, tri, ri
Cnd il bei cu om frumos! tri, ri
Da de-l bei cu om urt, tri, ri
Se opreste vinu-n gt!

Great Is Rose Wine
(every line is sung twice)

Great is rose wine
Harvested in late autumn
Some on frost, some on snow
A lot I drink and I don’t get drunk

I swore not drink again
But I cannot refrain
Great is wine, and well I like it
Don’t know what I’m going to do to that vine

Beloved wine, of a rare fruit
Climbs to the head without a ladder
Beloved wine of green grapes
Makes the man so that you won’t see him

Great is wine and tasteful as well
When you drink it with handsome people
But if you drink it with ugly people
The wine gets stuck in your throat



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3 responses to “Bun Ii Vinul Ghiurghiuliu

  1. acorn9mine

    Wonderful voice, great song! Thank you

  2. It’s nearly impossible to find well-informed people about this topic,
    but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!


  3. Veronik

    Video not available In Australia :-( :-(

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