Keren, savorále, drom / Make way, children (or Amari si Amari)

Words go in other order in video.

Keren, savorále, drom,
Te khelel o phuro rom,
Phuro rom te khelela,
Bistajjek gyész malavla.
Malav muri csizmaszára,
Te sunen agyész-tehóra.
Dúj, dúj, desudúj,
Csumidau me lako múj.
Lako múj szi rupuno,
Puske trubulla dino.
Amari szi, amari,
Amari cini bóri.
Hoj, te merau,
Te na csacsipó phenau!

in english:
Make way, children,
Let the old man dance.
When the old man dances,
He taps on for twenty-one days.
I’ll slap away at my boot-legs,
That you’ll hear it even in the morning.
Two, two, twelve.
I’ll kiss her mouth.
Her mouth is of silver,
She has to be shot.
She is ours, she is ours,
She’s our little daughter-in-law.
O let me die,
If I don’t tell the truth.


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