Sakoneske/To everybody

Ternipe - Sakoneske - 13 - Sakoneske
Ternipe – Sakonesk…
Hosted by eSnips

Sakoneske me phengyom
Khelimasko shavo som
Trito ratyi me khelau
Shukarasa nashavau

Zuralyi mol naj lashi
Zaisarel muri gogyi
Numa sa odi dikhau
O na sul drom me rodau

Aj, Dolale andre matyijom
Buter na pijau

Kanak khelgyom me tusa
Phabargyom mure jakha
Kade dikhjan pe mande
Muro jilo gyom tuke

I tell to everybody
I can dance well
I am dancing for three days
Thinking about a beautiful girl

I don’t like strong wine
I lose my mind from it
Then I am only taking care of
Not going on the wrong way

Oh my god I am drunk
I don’t drink more

When I was dancing with you
I was watching your eyes
Your eyes fascinated me
You stole my heart.


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