Phen tu mange/Tell me

Phen, phen tu mange Dola
So zhano tekerau
Sar te bistraula
Adala shukara, shukar lulugyora adal cina sha

Vorbin auri sar tu hatyares
Phen tu mange numa man kames

Na zhanau te phenau
Ande mande phagrau
So me hatyarau
Pari adi vorba auri te phenola
Khal man e grizha

Tell me God
What to do
How to forget nice
That girl,beautiful flower

Tell me what you feel
Tell me that you just love me

I can not tell
I am suffering
What I feel it is difficult to tell
The big pain is killing me.



Filed under gypsy

2 responses to “Phen tu mange/Tell me

  1. Elias

    Who plays this song on the guitar and can help with the right chords, please write me!

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