Pe mande o cheri/The sky above me

Pe mande nas vuneto o cheri
Thu sharaulas anglama o klam
Pe mande chi asalas o cherbaj
Phen tu mange sostar na phabarel

Angla mande nas lulugya parne
Balval phurdel phiravel patrin
Ande ratyi jek piko chiriklyi
Phenel mange na dara cini shej

Sunto gilyi romanes me phengyom
Pacha te del sakones o Del
Ande thuva la dake gilyenca
Eluma trajila vojasa

The sky above me was neur blue
Smoke was covering the sun all the time
Above me never shone a star
Tell me why is it not shining

Flowers are not growing for me
The wind is blowing the leaves
One night a little bird
Told me don’t be afraid you little girl

Let this song be about us
Let God give us peace
When my mother sings
The world will be full with joy



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3 responses to “Pe mande o cheri/The sky above me

  1. Elias

    hi! Thanks for the lyrics. Nais!
    There are 2 lines in Hungarian in the 3rd verse, as recorded on the album Ternipe: Hungarian Gypsy Music.
    Anyone from Hungary, can please help with that? :)

  2. Mishtorrom

    Elias, if you’re still looking for the Hungarian lyrics, they just repeat the words sung Rromanes in the third verse, above me the sky wasn’t blue, smoke always hid the sun.

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