O Bijav/The wedding

Phenas amen e vorba
Sar le but roma ande luma
E gava andre phiren
Le gazhhenca lasho foro von keren
Le but love von roden
Kade zhuven sar zhanen ande luma

Le romenge zhal misto
Bijav keren romano de romano
Putren auri o vudar
Aven le roma dural kaj amende
Vurdonesa von aven
Ande glazha mol anen le romenge

Phenas gilji romanji
Mukh te khelel amari cini bori
Taj aujas odo chaso
Bijav keras romano de romano
Gijabaras taj khelas
Patyivales vorbinas le romenca

Amari san amari, amari cini bori
Tu te khelej amenge
Voja kerej le intrego romenge
Aldil tut o Sunto Del
Kaj shukaras tu kheles amenge

We’ll tell the truth
How the gypsies live in the world
They roam the villages
They trade with the people
That’s how they make a lot of money
That’s how they live in the world

If it goes well for the romanies
They make a wedding for their daughter
If you opened the door
You’d see how the wedding guests are coming
They’re boys bringing wine in bottles

Let’s celebrate, let’s sing
So our little bride can dance
The time has come
The wedding will be beautiful
We’ll sing, we’ll dance
We’ll make a fair wedding

You belong to us, you belong to us, you are our
Smallest doughter/when you dance for us
You make us so happy
My God bless you

When you dance kindly for the wedding guests



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3 responses to “O Bijav/The wedding

  1. It took me forever to find these lyrics! Thanks so much for adding the English with it too! :D

  2. Elias

    Thank you very much! I’ve been searching for it!

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