E shukar romnji/A beautiful woman

Jek far sas ek romnjori
Shukar sas voj na khaji
Tele gejas po paji
Ke voj sasji trushaji

Po paji voj bagyijas
Pe glindate cas dikhjas
Saves dikhjas na averes
Kon dikhajes la zurales

Karin les te lisajas
Peski gogyi khasargyas
Pushjas la tar o shavo
Karing phirel tyo gazho

Khere tavej tu manca
Tyiro trajo lisavla
Pe vastende lingrau tut
Ke me dulmut kamau tut

Dikhes dile so kerdjan
Avereska romnjajan
Maj dikh dile khutrentut
Ando shero maren tut

Once there was a woman
She was beautiful but very much
She went to the river
Cause she was thirsty

When she leant to the river
Who she saw in the surface of the water
She saw a boy
Who was watching her veri much

When the girl turned
She lost her mind
The boy asked her
If she has a husband

Come home with me
Your life will be different
I will treat you well
Let’slive together happily

Oh you crazy what have you done
You took somebody eyes woman
Her husband won’t let this
He will kill both of you.


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