Bilako na zhuvau/I can’t live without her

Le kerchimi me phidyom
Mure love sa pijom
Aj Dola soro ratyi me pijom
Pe pash ratyi matyijom
Muri vorba me phendyom

Aj Dolale so kerdyom
Avereska romnjajom
Aj Dola so me kerdyom bunjindyom
Na much Dola temerau
Kadal romnja me kamau

Aj Dolale me merau
Kanak pe late dikhau
Muro jilo shinavel ande mande
Lake jakha pusaven
Lake vorbi man dijaren

Pala late me merau
O shelo pe korr shudau
Voj ten aula mori shukar piranji
Me bi lako na zhuvau
Inkabb aba man mudarau

I went to the taverns
I spent all my money
Oh, Godcelebrated all night
Got drunk till midnight
I told my truth

Oh, God what have I done
I loved someone else’s wife
Oh, my God I regretted, what I’ve done
God don’t let me suffer
I love someone else’s wife

Oh God I die
Whenever I think of her
My dear heart breaks for her
Her eyes are like lightning
Her fair words affected me

I die because of her
With rope if she wants me to
If she won’t be my dearest darling
I can’t live without her
I die for her



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3 responses to “Bilako na zhuvau/I can’t live without her

  1. What does pijom mean?

  2. Oceano

    It’s preterit for pijav = drink

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